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A professional investor's guide to navigating the road to net-zero

Addressing the impacts of climate change will require the largest reconstruction of the global economy since the Industrial Revolution. The latter entailed a massive reallocation of capital from agriculture toward industrialization. Decarbonizing the global economy will require a similarly monumental shift toward sustainability and create investment risks and opportunities on an unprecedented scale.

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The global aim

Capital-markets participants — owners and managers of capital, seekers of capital and financial intermediaries — will drive the change in how the world produces and consumes energy. The shift to clean energy from carbon-based forms affects the pricing of financial assets and compels companies and investors to take climate into account.

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Framework on reducing carbon emissions

The Net-Zero Knowledge Hub draws on the framework developed by the Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures (TCFD), together with evidence and insights from MSCI ESG Research and others. The hub focuses on aligning investment portfolios with a net-zero economy and addresses how financial firms can reduce and report on their own carbon emissions. Owners and managers of assets, companies and investors are integral to building a greener, more sustainable society.

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The role of capital in the net-zero revolution.

MSCI has called on capital-markets participants to help accelerate the shift to a net-zero economy, and outlined a series of steps that asset owners, companies and investment managers can take. Continue reading here.

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