“Net-Zero Now” is a call to action for capital

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“Net-Zero Now,” a new documentary by MSCI, shows how decarbonizing the global economy will depend on rechanneling capital at a scale needed to transform how the planet produces and consumes energy, and why investors will play a critical role in averting a climate disaster.

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We are in a race against time and against ourselves

As flooding, fires, storms and drought hint at the disruption to come if the planet doesn’t drive down emissions of greenhouse gases to reduce warming, it is becoming increasingly evident that investors will play a pivotal role in averting a climate catastrophe.

“Net-Zero Now” shows how investors are measuring the temperature of their portfolios, untangling corporate commitments to reach net-zero emissions and uncovering the potential for outperformance by businesses built for a net-zero world. The hour-long film examines how investors can drive the transition to an economy that removes as much carbon from the atmosphere as it puts in by using data, tools and the latest insights to navigate markets in which climate change presents a growing source of both risk and opportunity.

Always present: a sense of what’s at stake for the economy and society. “We’re talking about the equivalent of a full global industrial revolution,” says Remy Briand, MSCI’s head of ESG and one of several researchers, academics and technologists who are interviewed.

Breaking down “Net-Zero Now” into three acts

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