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By the numbers

10% The economic value the world stands to lose by midcentury if global temperature rise remains on its current trajectory and global net-zero targets are not met.

Up to USD 885 billion Assets in Europe at significant risk of becoming stranded over the coming decade in the automotive, electricity and apparel industries.

USD 500 billion The cost for U.S. energy utilities to prepare for climate change.

USD 145 billion Cost of weather and climate disasters in the U.S. in 2021 with losses that exceeded USD 1 billion each.

33-50% The amount by which reinsurers may be underestimating climate risk.

7% The share of global facilities operated by companies in the MSCI ACWI Investable Market Index (IMI) that are threatened by coastal flooding risk (as of Jan. 20, 2020).

30% The falloff in global agricultural yields by 2050 absent efforts to adapt to a changing climate.

USD 4 trillion The annual investment in clean energy and infrastructure required by 2030 for the world to limit global temperature rise to 1.5°C.

USD 280 billion The incremental annual investment needed between now and 2050 to address the effects of climate change in 35 major cities in Ethiopia, Kenya and South Africa.

USD 26 trillion The savings likely to be realized from replacing almost all fossil fuels with renewable energy and storage over the next 20 years.

USD 27 trillion The combined size of the market for solar panels, wind turbines, lithium-ion, batteries, fuel cells and electrolyzers by 2050.

USD 20 billionThe size of the market this decade for retrofitting buildings in New York City for carbon efficiency.

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