Setting a Net-Zero Target

An interactive tool for visualizing net-zero alignment

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Investors who aim to align their portfolios with net-zero emissions by midcentury may wonder how quickly their investments need to decarbonize to achieve that goal. This interactive tool developed by MSCI’s Climate Risk Center can help.

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Aligning with net-zero in practice

The Net-Zero Target-Setting Tool below shows the year in which a portfolio’s greenhouse gas emissions are likely to reach net-zero based on the strategy, scope of emissions covered and rate at which a portfolio is set to decarbonize annually. Users also can factor in investments in offsets and their impact on the target date. The interactive visualization can be set to the reflect a dozen MSCI Climate Indexes, which illustrate a variety of approaches to addressing climate change.

As the tool suggests, it’s one thing to set a decarbonization rate, it’s another to deliver on it. Less than a quarter of the world’s listed companies cut their carbon intensity by at least 10% every year – the amount that companies need to cut each year on average to align with a 1.5°C warming scenario – in the five years that ended Dec. 31, 2020.

Net-Zero Target-Setting Tool

Index illustrations (please see disclaimer below) - Max 4
Portfolio value**
Scope 3 25%

Select the percentage of Scope 3 emissions (indirect emissions that occur in a company's value chain)

Decarbonization 12%

Select a decarbonization rate (yearly index reduction in total emissions)

Offset amount

Enter the amount of carbon to be actively offset per year in tons of CO2

Scope 1 100%

Select the percentage of Scope 1 emissions (direct emissions from owned or controlled sources)

Scope 2 100%

Select the percentage of Scope 2 emissions (indirect emissions from the purchased energy/cooling)

Offset Method

Select the way carbon is offset

Offset Price

Enter the price to offset a ton of CO2 equivalent emissions

Offset Price Increase

Enter the annual price increase to offset a ton of CO2 equivalent emissions

Offset Ratio 20%

Select the percentage of overall emissions offset at the portfolio level


INDEX Net-Zero Year Emissions Now Offsetting Now Net Emissions Now Offsetting Cost Now Relative Cost Now Reduction by 2030 Reduction by 2040 Reduction by 2050

*MSCI Climate Paris Aligned Indexes are designed to align with a 1.5° scenario using MSCI Climate Value-at-Risk and an ongoing self-decarbonization rate of 10% year on year.
**Hypothetical portfolio that replicates the selected index or indexes


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